Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mecretag, Settembray 18

Ey guarded 'X-Men: The Last Stand' (2006) quesera, y ey pensed che it sed a bonny film. Ey aved sented depres dem molty personas che it sed nicked a bonny film - potsar dey pensed it sed troop infanty, troop based su axion, manking a bonny plot - witch so verrow in a weigh. A lay matesh tempow, lay X-Men rimano a paraball su lay human stayte, y su discrimnashon. Uberheroes reminisco me sempray di dios grekkos y vecchy faybles delay anchents. Lay mondo sempray bisono uberheroes as molt as storeys demselves.
A bon y mal dia intot ma ey spero che ey podou ando ellswear algun dia od altra - solo a Canterbury od Folkestone - ankee London - gust to sembro nicked trapped alla seacide. Ma, ey bisono to avo piuh soldi! Altra personas avo tings menor.

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