Sunday, 22 September 2013

Diumenge, Settembray 22

Ey vadded a' St Margarets hodgy par bus. It sed molty bonny ma molty colliny. Ey poudo vedo la mare molty benny, ma ey poudo vedo France nicked perke it sed troo misty. Dechidred to vado rentra a' Deal su ped, vadding per Kingsdown. Ey piach Walmer, poo dan olde Deal, perkay remenismi di Londra - Harrow, Chiswick petetre - in la ditto manna seguens di Canterbury remensmi di ost Londra (ey devo so meno bitta contra my lyf abans). Turned dopo tray whores ey manged a sack de chips. Parled amb a straniera che sed churching to vedo butterflies, i ey toldo him che sed a natura reserve in Sandwich. Guarding a programa su Pay i Ostern (<<Country and Western>>) su BBC. Demorrow ey spero to vado a' Dover bibliotec. Ey devo vado a' oltra locats in Ken wen ey podo, perke it feco me penso poo i it so bonny per my scribbing, i ankay perke sedding a casa podo fahrro me patzy!

Ey spero ankay to vado a' Londan questis smeeka venning, to vedo la mostra a' la British Museum su Pompeii, ma ankay to vado ma carrisimy nebot James. Ey avo aved pensing contra his smyle eva fa ey vedded him smyle durant ey sed in Londan past smeek. Ey manca James poo chan ey manca Hammersmith itself.

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  1. It appears we were walking in each others footsteps yesterday on what is fast becoming known as Julius Caesar country..