Thursday, 3 April 2014

Jiutag, avril 3, 2014

Eyso guarding 4 Music depres a molty lungy tag. Vadded a' Canterbury hodgy. Mia prima tag fora Deal sinz last vendertag. Het war amarissable comdabidood. Nella trayn, scolted a' Icona Pop y sentted molty-molty pharrelly quan ey war entre Dover and Canterbury, quan le trayn war motoring per la camps sotto la spendo solay.
A' Canterbury bibliotechno ey ledged la journal disolito y alors ey lavor'd su mia novvy liver. Stetted fins 8pm. Ey war leddging a liver su Al-Qaeda y la ascens di Islamismo. Het war molty interesant ma ankay molty depresant. Vadded ankay a Oxfam wer ey resisted la temptashun acheto algun si-fi livers in portugays. Torned a' casa appena avant wolf whores y studied catalanian, italian, germanian and franchescian.
So molty stanky ora (het avo past un whore). Torn' a Canterbury dema!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mecretag, avril 2, 2014

Hodgy ey rimenged a' casa perkey ey avved nicked soldy anchor questi semmana. Ledged la jornals nella mattinay donc torned a' my novvy liver. Ey pens dat het soro a bonny liver, ma hoo sap si het soro sucksexful. Depres ey ledged The Catholic Herald y The Tablet, donc guarded nella TV Nigel Farage contra Nick Clegg. Day sod parling su la UU. Ey pens dat Clegg apreechiate nicked la conserns nella bratish peaple, spechealy questoso hoo'bito in toon fora Londra dat av sperienced molty nivells de emigrateshun. Persons dat abit fur troppy temps realize nicked oft wat persons fora la monstroso capital pens. Nell'eve ey vadded fur a cam circa toon. Het ween buyo y rarthargh vuit ma ey piachy Deal questese tags; ey odi Londra miu y miu - het so perded fur me. Ey ween a peu trist nell'eve circa ma ey cheer'd meeself by fooing su Memrise me italian, germanian, catalanian.

Madre vadded an Italia questi mattinay. Ey parled mit her tardy nella tarda. Het sent amarissy in Italy.

Demorrow ey moet vad a Canterbury per lavoro nella bibliotechno. Shure nicked dat ey pot affo het, may ey caro nicked: ey moet, ey needle vado. Ey sper dat ey vado a' letto presto stanite, perkay ey vol parto aviut nella mattinay. Ankay, ey piach tanty-tanty viadgging par trayn.

Ey ved dat dort av ween an insident in Fort Worth. Mulch speculayshun dat het involvs islamic fundamentalismo.